Basics of Dinghy Sailing 3.—4.8.2024


  • The course will be held from August 3th to 4th. Saturday 10:00 to 16:30 and Sunday 11:00 to 15:00, at Tampereen pursiseura in Naistenlahti. Address is Kekkosenkatu 10.
  • You’ll need only a change of clothes and a positive attitude. The sailing club has dinghies (boats) and flotation vests for the participants during the course.

By using the code opiskelijakurssilainen on the online shopping cart and showing an active student card during the course, you get 50 € off from the course fee. You can also pay using exercise benefits. See the instructions below.

Detailed description below.

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  1. Out of the three available sailing courses the dinghy sailing courses offer the most athletic experience. The sailing course is held with single or double-handed sailing dinghies, that don’t have a counterbalancing keel. Compared to keelboats dinghies are light and have a proportionally big sail area, which means they are much more responsive to changes in wind conditions and steering and adjustments made by the sailor. Because of this, many experienced sailors say that when you have learned the basics with a dinghy, you will be able to sail bigger keelboats as well.

The main goal on the basics of dinghy sailing course is to learn to sail on all wind directions on a dinghy, and perform the fundamental manoeuvres on a beginner level. After the basic sailing course the hobby can continue at the weekly dinghy sailing training group (mostly in Finnish) or in an advanced dinghy sailing course. There is also a training group for keelboats. More information on here or from the Sailing Center’s dinghy sailing coordinator at aikuisjollapurjehdus(at)

Our coaches have all learned sailing in Finnish, and have been trained at the Finnish sailing federation’s courses, so there might be some lacking in English sailing terminology. But at least the on-hand experience is the same!

The course fee can also be paid by exercise benefits in the app or website from Edenred, Epassi, Eazybreak and Smartum. When using this method of payment, add the course in the online store’s shopping cart, and use the code liikuntaetumaksu. Complete the order normally, until you get a confirmation email. About a week before the course you will get instructions to pay the course fee using the exercise benefit.

Please note, that the 14 day right of return doesn’t apply. Instead cancellation terms in the terms and conditions are applied.